Peak Performance & Personal Performance Coaching Programmes

Effectus specialises in harnessing pinnacle performance stored within our clients. Utilising a variety of modalities to help you get to the root-cause of personal challenges and be the best you can be. Helping you resolve negative emotions and barriers that block you from developing yourself further. We will guide you to do more, have more more and become more than you thought possible!


Effectus offers a no obligation, complimentary initial consultation to ensure a comfortable coaching relationship. It is vitally important that your needs are met and you are completely satisfied.

From the initial meeting we develop an action plan which generates the best outcome for you. These plans may include ongoing coaching and mentoring with flexible meeting schedules, which coaches can attend in person or remotely. Complimentary follow-up support is also available.

For some cases a breakthrough session is advised, which encompasses a intensive period of coaching, usually completed within one day, tailored specifically to your needs.

“Andrew is an energetic, motivated and enthusiastic person. His energy is infectious and he inspires you to settle for nothing short of excellence. His professionalism and dedication to my personal growth and development has moved me to a powerful and resourceful place. Supporting my new career and my personal beliefs in myself to achieve anything I set my mind to. Thank you Andrew and I look forward to deepening our relationship together in the future.”