February 21, 2017

WHAT DO YOU DO AT CHRISTMAS? At Christmas many of us will do things that we do not normally do. Some will buy gifts, some will not. Some may splash out and spend more than they can afford to make somebody else’s Christmas special and some may spend the bare minimum. Some may eat too much, some may not be able to afford to eat too much, some may choose not to eat too much. Some will spend time with their family, some may not and some may have no family to spend time with.

The list goes on and on, the fact is that Christmas is not the same for any two people, even if they decide to spend it together and do the same things.

Whatever You Do – Enjoy It!All around us, in the UK at least, we are surrounded by the message to give and receive with love, eat and be merry. So why wouldn’t we, for some it is more difficult than others and there are always people worseoff than us. Maybe we could spare a thought for those people and maybe even spare some of our Christmas cheer in the way of a donation to someone less fortunate than ourselves, or a gift to a child that otherwise wouldn’t receive anything?

Whatever your choices this Christmas, enjoy it and have fun, this is your one shot at enjoying Christmas 2014.

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER CHRISTMAS?After Christmas there are a few days until the turn of the year. Another day of Celebration and then into 2015 we launch and for some a new beginning and for others a new beginning… Again.

Does this look familiar? Will you be writing down promises to yourself, or someone else, that you’re already thinking you will not stick to? Because you can’t ‘because of…’. or you would ‘if only…’ , I would’ve ‘stuck to it if…’ and so on. Here they are, the only pieces of information you need to ensure that you do not disappoint yourself with your resolutions this coming year, The Effectus Guide to New Year’s success :

  1. Don’t make any resolutions!
  2. Only make resolutions that are realistic and you know you can achieve.
  3. Employ the services of a good coach! Work through your resolutions with them to discover the resources that are within you to achieve all that you want to achieve and so much more.

At Effectus Coaching & Development Ltd we will do just that. You could receive coaching in person, by telephone, or Skype to help you achieve your goals this year. Attend one of our courses in Personal Development to kick start your progress and realise that anything is possible, if you want it enough and are prepared to make the changes and commitments in your life to achieve it.

As a gift to one lucky respondent we have decided to give away two x one hour coaching sessions to kick start your new start! All you have to do is respond to and state why you believe you should be the one to receive some coaching, totally FREE OF CHARGE. The lucky recipient will be notified one month from now during the week commencing 19th January 2015.

We are looking forward to hearing from you, if you’re serious about change of course!






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