May 5, 2017

As a Performance Coach who works with individuals and teams the word “communication” is used continuously to sum up the route course of any issues that may be going on as well as the catalyst for success, sometimes in the same sentence!! Over the next three weeks we will explore some concepts around communication.

What is Communication? – The imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing or using some other medium! The word communicate is a verb, “to communicate”. When it is commonly used as a noun, it becomes a “thing”, this is known as a nominalisation. Communication is now a “thing”, however, we cannot gather this thing up and hold it or place it into a wheel barrow. A proper noun is the word used to name a particular object, for example which of the illustrations below is a noun?

The one on the right is the right is the noun, the one on the left is a picture of the actual thing! I couldn’t do this example with Communication because how would I get a picture to place in the box, what does Communication look like? If I was to as 100 people to draw a dog, regardless of the standard of artwork they would all, more than likely, come up with something that resembles and could be identified as a dog, my six year old children certainly can! Out of the same 100 people who could draw Communication?

Maybe all 100 people could draw something that they believe would represent Communication, the question that I am now asking you is, would you automatically be able to identify it as Communication?

About six weeks ago I was working with a group to set a Team Charter, a document that forms the basis of their moral contractual obligation to each other, the document that they can refer to or remind their colleagues of in order to maintain positive momentum in their quest for success. As always happens at this point the word Communication was added to the list that was required to go on the Charter. I questioned the word and it’s meaning to them as a group and as individuals. At the time they were insistent they all knew what communication meant to them as a group. Yesterday I was working with the same group and what was at the heart of their current concerns? You’ve got it, COMMUNICATION. So we are now in a position that the route to our success, Communication, is now the path to our downfall because it has dropped off!

The reality is, does communication ever drop off or does it just change from something upbeat and positive to something that is less than useful. In NLP we believe, “The meaning of your communication is the Response you Get”. With this in mind how can Communication drop off, we cannot not communicate. Even in our sleep we pull faces (apparently), sometimes talk, fight with the bed bears, what is this if it is not a form of communication at some level? So, if we find ourselves in a position where we have had a tiff and we are not speaking, are we still communicating something at some level? If the most important information about a person is their behaviour and we can only calibrate them according to this, is this not communicating?

To Summarise, Communication is a vital component to the success of any relationship. It is a complex process that is ever present in all we do. It could be said that it’s presence is Metaphysical and by the very nature of even thinking of something you have the ability to influence its outcome in some way, even if that is just the way you respond to it at the unconscious level. Join us for next weeks Blog where we explore How We Do Communication and look into the question does Communication Drop Off or does it increase it’s intensity for a different outcome?


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