Effectus demonstrates an understanding and works to provide a series of programmes that bring you a return of investment. You can rest assured that the programmes tailored to your company have been designed to deliver a demonstrable return – meeting the needs of your business requirements and fulfilling them. Using our coaches experienced outlook of company culture we can foresee issues that need to be addressed – from leadership and management to customer service, as well as encompassing areas such as growing a safety culture all the way up to developing a coaching ethos.


Looking for a more specific programme? Effectus can provide a multitude of programmes based around your needs. With NLP Training your staff will be trained in the art of rapport building and using advanced linguistic skills that will greatly benefit your business.


Tools such as SDI aid in developing heightened awareness of oneself. Your team will have the ability to promote a more effective and efficient working environment, grasping the concept of conflict within the workplace or dealing with customers enquiries and complaints. You’ll save countless hours and money through the proper implementation of important linguistic techniques.

“I’ve done similar things to this before, not to this extreme though! It’s been great doing this programme and getting the guys working together. It’s what you’re going to go through in a game so it’s been good.” – Client Testimonial (Following the NLP Training session)