Effectus understands that any business undertaking must demonstrate return on investment. Staff development programmes are no different. Without a demonstrable return, then team-building and training is just good fun or a total waste of time!

Effectus realises this and works with organisations to determine exact business requirements and then designs a programme that fulfils these needs.

After years of coaching, education, training and development experiences, we have become highly qualified at creating bespoke programmes for organisations in any sector, from Leadership & Management to Customer Service, from growing a safety culture to developing a coaching ethos, if it is about the people either in or out of the business, we can help!


The environment for the delivery of any programme is vital to its success.  Effectus programmes can be conference-based or designed to utilise the outdoors and a range of activities. In fact, Effectus can masterfully combine a variety of environments to deliver a unique experience to the delegates, achieving all of the typical aims of a business course in unusual but influential spaces.  In any environment Effectus ensures the needs of the business are at the forefront of delivery and the relevance to the business is fully understood by all delegates.


If you are looking for a more specific programme based around NLP then Effectus can provide this. Training your staff in the art of Rapport building with the use of advanced Linguistic skills may be of great benefit to your business.


Why not utilise tools such as the SDI to help your team develop heightened awareness of themselves and each other to promote a more effective and efficient working environment? Understanding around the concepts of Conflict within the workplace or when dealing with customers is transformed so that you can save time and money and more importantly concentrate on what it is you are trying to achieve.


“I’ve done similar things to this before, not to this extreme though! It’s been great doing this programme and getting the guys working together. It’s what you’re going to go through in a game so it’s been good.”